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Checking your Email using Seanic Web Based Email Manager

Activating your email account:
Before you proceed in configuring your email client, make sure you have created all your email accounts through your web based control panel under email accounts.

After configuring and activating your email account, you may then proceed to configure your email client (eg. Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Outlook or Outlook Express) or check your email using our Web-Based Email Manager or Pine.

Assessing your Web Based Email

1) To assess your web based email, go to


     For example :-

2) You will then be brought to a login screen. Enter your email and password that you have     created in your Web Based Control Panel - Email Accounts and click on the "Login" button.

3) Your Web Based Email Manager will display your inbox and the latest email will be highlighted with a red arrow next to the email. You can view the email by clicking on the name.

You can delete the mail by checking the checkbox on the right of the mail you want to delete and click on the "Delete Mail" button.

You can move your mail to another folder by following these steps:-
(Note: You have to create a folder from the Folder options before you can perform this function)
a) Check the checkbox on the of the mail you want to move.
b) Select a folder to move to from the "Select a folder" drop down menu.
c) Click on "Move to" to move the mail.

4) Clicking on "Compose" will bring you to a form like the one you see below. In this form you can compose your email. Fill in your recepient email address in the "Recipient" text box. If you have other people you wish to send the email to, type their email in the "Cc" text box or the "Bcc" Text box. The Cc text box will show all the receipients of your email and the Bcc text box will hide all the recipients. Enter the Subject of your mail and the email you wish to identify yourself in the email.

After composing your email, you can choose whether to include your signature (Signature can be composed in the "Options" section), or include attachments in your email. Check "Save to Sent Items" to save your outgoing email.

Click on "Send Email" to send the email.

5) Clicking on "Addresses" will bring you to your address book. You can add your friends details in this address book so that you don't have to remember all their emails and personal details.

Clicking on the "New Contact" button will bring you to a form to fill to add a new entry to your address book.

You can delete an entry by checking the "Delete" check box and clicking on "Delete Selected Contacts".

You can email a person by checking the "To" checkbox and clicking on "Send Email".

6) Clicking on "Folders" will bring you to your folder's manager. You can view the existing folders you have created and also delete or add new folders. You can also access the contents of the folder by clicking on its name.

7) Clicking on "Options" will bring you to a screen where you can create signatures for your email. Signatures are footers that will be included in the emails you sent out.

Enter your signature title and signature in the appropriate text bos and click "Save Changes" to save the signature.

You can also edit or delete an existing signature by selecting the signature from the drop down menu and clicking on the appropriate buttons.
(Note: You can only delete or edit a signature if you have already created one)

8) Clicking on "Logout" will log you out of the web based email manager.