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You practically don't need a budget to get a web hosting account. With us, you'll get enough space, emails and control for $46.99 per year onwards.

Get a Free Domain name or Renew your existing domain for FREE! (worth $35/year)

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Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions or visit our support site for instructions on how to use your account and maximise your hosting experience.

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When you sign-up for any of our web hosting packages we will register your domain name (applicable for .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz & .info only) for FREE for one year or you can have us register a '.CC' domain name for a Reduced Price of $19 per year.

Get A Free Domain Name!
By just signing up for any of our web hosting package, you are entitled to get a Free domain name registration.
(This applicable only for domain with *.com, *.net, *.org, *.us, *.biz & *.info extension)

-- OR --

Renew Your Existing Domain For Free!

If you already have a domain name, you may host it with our web hosting package and optionally transfer the domain name to our registrar and we will extend your domain name registration expiry by 1 year free of charge. (this is normally worth $25 to $35/year).
This applicable only for domain with *.com, *.net, *.org, *.us, *.biz & *.info extension.

Domain transfer may take up to 2 weeks to complete and you will need to ensure that your domain name is not expired during the transfer. Therefore, it will be advisable to inform us your intention to transfer the domain at least 2 weeks before the expiry date.
(preferably 30 days before expiry)

If you would like to do this, send an email to afterwhich you have signed up for an account and mention that you would like to have your domain name transferred to us.

Do include your Username and Domain name in your email. Our domain transfer department will start transferring the domain name for you after your confirmation and we will inform you the transfer status.

Signup Now! would like to thank you for choosing our hosting services. As a complimentary gift, we will give you a domain name of your choice for FREE when you order any of our web hosting packages. 

Before getting your Free domain name, you must first setup an account with us. After reading the information below, please proceed to our Signup page to get started!

Is your domain name available?
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www. show whois
Note: Once you have found your desired domain name, please be sure to read below before registering.

Common Questions

Is there any catch ?
There is none. We simply want to show you how much we value your support, therefore we are giving our customers a FREE domain name.
As we are not a Free web hosting provider, we do not place any ads or banners on your website. Your have 100% control over your web hosting account.

Can I signup for a hosting account if I already have a domain name ?
Yes. Many of our clients already have domain names before they came to us for web hosting solutions. Our free domain name offer is an option and is not mandatory.

I already have a domain name. Can I get another one for free when i sign-up ?
Yes. You may still get a Free domain name even if you already have an existing domain name. This is a great opportunity to register your or!

I already have an existing domain name. How can I renew my existing domain for free ?
You may purchase any of our hosting package, we will transfer and renew your, or without any charges.
In this case, you are no longer allow to claim the Free domain from us.

Who owns the FREE domain name ?
You as the customer will own the domain name; the domain name will be registered to you as the registrant. It is yours and only you can use it.

How long will it take before I can access my new domain name's website using a web browser ?
Between 12-48 hours after signing-up for an account.

How much money will I be saving ?
You will save between $15 to $35 per year for the first and every subsequent year of your domain registration fees.
As long as you are hosting with us, you will never need to pay any domain registration fees !
Note: Network Solutions & charges their customers $35 per year ! With us, its FREE.

How can you possibly offer domain names at these low prices ?
We are very closely affiliated with a domain name registrar, this allows us to pass the low prices are are getting these domain names to you, the consumer.

Is registering a domain name through Seanic.Net any different from registering a domain name through other domain name registrars (eg. Network Solutions) ?
No. The process of the domain registration is the same and is just as valid.

Are there any other benefits to registering through Seanic.Net ?
Yes. Often it can be a really tedious and troublesome to update your contact information of your domain name. For instance, if your main contact email address is invalid with Network Solutions, you are required to call them and fax a proof of identity.
With us, you we will be able to make any updates to your domain name information youself via your web hosting control panel, without any hassles.

How do I get started?
Firstly, Sign-up for a web hosting account. Here you will provide us the necessary information including your desired domain name in order for us to setup your account and register your domain name. 12 to 48 hours later, you should receive an email from our support staff stating that your new domain name is accessible via a web browser and is ready for use.

Terms And Conditions:

.com, .net, . org, .us, biz &.info domain names are FREE with our web hosting accounts.
.CC domain names is available at a Reduced price of $19 per year.

If a web hosting client :

  • Registers a Free domain name, or
  • Reduced priced domain name, or
  • Transfer / Renew a domain name for free with
and then decides to cancel his account and requests for a refund, the remaining amount will be refunded minus an amount of $15 for the domain name registration.
He or her may then transfer the domain name to another registrar.
This is currently the regular price for domain registration with both Network Solutions and We cannot register a domain for Free or Transfer / Renew a domain name for Free and then refund the entire payment amount.
Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.