Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) 

If you have a question about our web hosting services, please check out the FAQ below. If the FAQ's below doesn't answer your questions, you may email us at

  • Web Hosting
    Here you may find general web hosting questions such as what websites you can host, what is the cost of the web hosting package, etc....

  • Misc Information
    In this section, questions about domain parking and emails will be answered as well as what is included in each Web Hosting account.

  • Supported Services
    This section answers all the questions about all the services we offer and what is supported in each web hosting account.

  • Domain Registration Process
    This section answers common question about what is involved during the Domain Registration Process.

  • Domain Transfer Process
    This section explains what is a domain transfer as well as giving detail explanation on how to carry out a Domain Transfer.

  • Payment and Account Upgrade Questions
    All questions regarding payment and methods of payment are answered in this section.
  • Windows Hosting Platform
    Find out more about the features and benefits of Seanic's Windows Server 2003 hosting packages.

Account Usage Instructions & Support Information

Instructions on how to use every feature and function of your hosting account can be found at our support site.