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You practically don't need a budget to get a web hosting account. With us, you'll get enough space, emails and control for $46.99 per year onwards.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)
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What is domain parking ?
Parking a domain name to your account's primary domain name will not only link both websites together but they will also share the same web space and website content. Note that you can only own e-mail accounts under the primary domain name, you will not be able to receive e-mails at the parked domain name.

When we park a domain to your primary domain, it means the following:
Typing in a web browser will bring you to (your primary website).

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Do you offer sub-domains ?
Currently we do not offer sub-domain service to our customers. Each account is dedicated to One domain and each account will be given a control panel access so that the customers can maintain their account by themselves. If you need to create DNS pointers for your sub-domains contact us and we will set it for you.

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How is e-mail administration handled ?
After you have sign-up with us, you can go to your account control panel to setup the e-mail accounts. Instructions on how-to use the control panel can be found at

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Does e-mail volume count against site traffic volume ?
No. The e-mail traffic volume and the site traffic volume are counted separately.

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What is the difference between an e-mail alias and an e-mail account?
An e-mail account is your main mailbox, which stores your e-mail An e-mail alias (also known as an "e-mail forwarding") is simply a pointer to send other e-mail addresses to the same mailbox. E-mail aliases can point either to a e-mail account, or to any other e-mail account (e.g. your ISP e-mail account). A typical e-mail alias might refer to departments in your company like "" or "," whereas a typical e-mail address is likely to relate to your own identity like "".

More details about e-mail alias and e-mail accounts, can be found at our support page or if you need further help, please contact us.

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Do you offer any search engine submission service ?

We can submit your website to about 1000 search engines and website listings for a $25 one-time fee. The following are some important notes about our search engine submission service:

1) Even though we submit your site to 1000 search engine and listings, your site may only be listed in about 50% to 95% of these sites. This is because the search engine or listing may not list your website because of differences in content. For example, a search engine for automobile related website may not list a website not related to automobiles.

2) Some search engines, especially larger ones may take up to 6 weeks to list your website.

3) There are no guarantees that your website will be listed on a specific search engine even if specifically requested in advance. We do not own or have control over these search engines or listings, it is up to the maintainers of the search engines or listings to include you on its site.

4) We cannot guarantees the positioning of your website on any search engine or listings. This is usually determined by the order the website was listed and is beyond our control. To sign-up for the search engine submission service, please follow the link below to make your payment, once the payment is made, we will contact you with instructions to proceed with the submission.

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Can I use my private FTP account as an anonymous FTP service ?
No. The private FTP account which you receive is intended for uploading and managing your web site. If you would like to store files for public download, we suggest that you set it up via http instead.

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