Standard Plan
You practically don't need a budget to get a web hosting account. With us, you'll get enough space, emails and control for $46.99 per year onwards.

Need A Name?
If you don't already have domain name, we will give you one for FREE when you sign-up with us ! (worth $35/year)

Need More Info?
Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions or visit our support site for instructions on how to use your account and maximise your hosting experience.

Wish to Contact us?
You are always welcome to contact us to know more about our services.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)
Payment Questions

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Can I pay through Money Order or Check ?
Currently we only accept credit card payments and we do not accept any other forms of payment at this time. It is more convenient to pay by credit card online and accounts are activated immediately. We also use secure SSL encryption for all payment transactions for your added security.

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What credit cards do you accept ?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa Debit, Switch, Solo, Delta and JCB.

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My credit card was declined or rejected during the registration process,
what should I do?

First try to submit your credit card again. Be sure to check and make sure your billing
address, name and numbers match exactly. If it continues to fail try another credit card or
contact your bank to make sure your card is authorized to make online transactions. If you
continue to have problems, send an e-mail to and we will then
provide you with the URL to an alternate payment system. You should be able to payment
your payment there.

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Do you accept monthly or half yearly payments ?
Due to the high credit card processing cost involved, it is not feasible for us to accept monthly or half yearly payments. Even if we do accept monthly or half yearly payments, we would not be able to provide you with the Free domain name as the domain name cost much more than the monthly fees.

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Can I upgrade my Hosting Package to a bigger hosting plan ?
You may upgrade your account anytime. To upgrade your hosting package or add additional features to it, e-mail us at . We will then supply you with a URL for you to make additional payment and confirm your upgrade. You will only need to pay for the additional service or the difference between the two plans (if upgrading to a higher plan). There is No "Upgrade fee" or "Setup fee" for account upgrades.

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What is the cost for more web space ?

With extra storage, there is no limit to what you can create.
In addition to increased web space, you are eligible to purchase extra space in the following amounts:

Additional 10 MB for USD 15 per year
Additional 100 MB for USD 50 per year

Please e-mail to our Orders department at to purchase more web space for your account.

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What is the cost for more e-mail accounts ?
It will cost you USD 9 per year for every additional 3 emails accounts.

Please e-mail to our Orders department at to purchase more e-mail accounts for your account.

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Can I add more bandwidth to my account ?

Yes. It will cost you in the following amount:

USD 60 per year for an additional 1000 MB per month

If you exceed the monthly bandwidth, you will need to pay an additional USD 60 per year to increase your monthly bandwidth quota by 1 (One) GB. Bandwidths are calculated monthly, unused bandwidth from previous or future months cannot be used to cover bandwidth exceeds in a particular month.

Please e-mail to our Orders department at to purchase more bandwidth for your account.

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What is the cost for MySQL database ?

It is FREE if you purchase our Gold Linux Hosting Package. However, if you wish to have Access to MySQL database for the rest of the hosting plans, it will cost USD 25 per year.

Please e-mail to our Orders department at to add MySQL access to your account.

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