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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)
Domain Registration Process

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Why do I need to register a domain ?

In this digital age, having your own unique identifier on the Internet allows your company to establish credibility and allow your customers to find you on the Internet. Domains are also used for email. For example, the email addresses or do not properly identify your unique business. Using such domains implies that your company might not be Net savvy. Domains help you reinforce and market your unique company name or attributes. Similarly, it looks unprofessional and is often difficult for individuals to type in a Web address with the following format: Having a domain name that clearly relates to your company will dissolve these issues and allow you to establish a strong and professional brand on the Internet. Most often, you would want to register a domain name and have a website address such as and email addresses such as

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What is DNS (Domain Name System) ?

A system that allows web site addresses to be in words instead of numbers. A web site address (also called an IP address) is actually a series of numbers and dots, like this: Instead of remembering those numbers, you might type in words like this: The DNS system would match those words to the correct IP address and bring you to the web site.

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How long does it take to register a domain name ?

We can register all .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .cc and .us domain names and this is done within minutes but it will take around 1-2 days for it to show up in the central Whois Database. It may take up to 48 hours (after your account registration) before Internet users will be able to access your domain name and send you emails.

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Who is the owner of the "Free domain names" that Seanic registers ?

We will register the domain for you for FREE and You will always be the owner of the registered domain.

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How do I register a new domain name and have you host it ?

Go to and look for the section that says "Domain Name Lookup:". Type in your desired domain name and click the "Go" button. You will then be informed whether the name is available for registration or otherwise.
If the domain name is available, click on "Click here to setup your new website" to sign up with Seanic !

Select that you are registering a new domain name. Fill in your contact information, hosting package, additional add-ons for your hosting package(if applicable), and choice of username and password - then click the "Submit Account Registration" button.

All of your information will be kept confidential. After you have completed your payment, You will receive a confirmation that your registration was successful. Almost immediately, you will receive an email with information explaining how you can access your private Web Hosting control panel with Information such as Login, Password, FTP information, number of pop3 email, your temporary URL, URL for accessing your webmail, URL for your control panel and all other information for your hosting account.

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How long does it take for the new domain information to show up on the global Whois record ?

The root zone files that tell the world who owns a domain are only updated about once a day - so your new domain information should be visible to the world in less than 48 hours from the time you registered it. Until then, it looks as if that domain name has not been registered but no one else can register it as it has already been reserved for you.

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What is the Registrant of a domain name ?

The Registrant is the entity which is the legal registrant of the name, and is tracked by the registrar for your security and so that no other organization or entity can request changes to the name. It is standard practice to use your full company or organization name as the Registrant of Record. If there is no company name, the name of the individual registrant can be used. Ensure that you have filled in the correct information in your registration form especially on the domain name you wish to register. After the form is submitted and the domain name is registered, no changes can be made and the payment made for domain registrations are nonrefundable.

Note that
you are not leasing the name and we take no ownership interest in your names. We do not require any advertising on your site or anything of the sort. You will be the owner of the domain name we register for you. Your ownership information will show up whenever someone searches that domain name at our site, at the VeriSign/NSI site and everywhere else that provides domain search services. Registration contracts at some of our competitors including VeriSign/NSI imply you are not the owner of the name you are registering and that it could be revoked for a variety of reasons. Be forewarned.

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I noticed that I am not listed as administrator, tech contact, or billing contact. Does this mean that you or I own my domain name ?

The administrative, tech and billing contacts are not important in the domain name information. It is the Registrant (You, our customer) that owns the domain name. If necessary, we can change the admin, tech or billing contact to be updated under your name, however we would recommend that it be left under our domain administrators name so that we may maintain the domain name for you from time to time. If you want to be listed as the administrator, tech contact, or billing contact, email us at and we will change it for you without any additional charges.

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Can I transfer the name to another domain name registrar (web host) if I am not satisfied with your Hosting service ?

Yes, as long as your initial registration is over 60 days old (as required by Internic), you may transfer your domain to another registrar (or another web hosting provider). If you registered a Free or Reduced priced domain name with and then decide to cancel this account and request for a refund, the remaining amount will be refunded minus an amount of $15 for the domain name registration (.com, Net, .org) and minus the credit card transaction fees as well as the duration the hosting account was used. If the duration the hosting account was used is less than 30 days, there won't be deduction on the amount for the hosting account but the $15 for the domain name registration and credit card transaction fees still applies. A different charge of $30 applies for domain names with Us, Info and Biz extensions and a charge of $35 applies for domain names with Cc extension.

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