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Checking your Email using Pine

Activating your email account:
Before you proceed in configuring your email client, make sure you have created all your email accounts through your web based control panel under email accounts.

After configuring and activating your email account, you may then proceed to configure your email client (eg. Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Outlook or Outlook Express) or check your email using our Web-Based Email Manager or Pine.

Configuring Pine

1) Start pine by typeing "pine" in telnet or SSH.

2) Press "m" to get to the main menu.

3) Press "s", then "c" to get to the ping configuration screen.

4) Scroll down until "inbox-path" is highlighted and press the "enter" key.

5) Type the following line and press enter: (see notes below)
Replace "" with your assigned imcoming Email server name (as in the Account Information Email you have received from us).
Replace "" with your POP3 account username as created in the web hosting control panel.

6) Press the "enter" key, then "e" and "y" to save your new settings and you are done.

# Setting my 'From:' identity in pine?
From Pine's [M]AIN MENU, choose [S]etup, then [C]onfig. Move down to the customized-hdrs option. Press "Add Value". Use the format:
From: "My Real Name" <>
Note: You may wish to configure default-composer-hdrs so you can easily change the From: line when composing new messages. The process is the same as adding to the customized-hdrs entry. If you use this setting, remember that you must specify all the headers you want to see; simply changing the value to From: will make From: your only visible header.
Press Return to accept the change, and "E Exit Setup".