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NAME : Nancy Zarrow
URL : -
So I'm going with Seanic. My tech guy started using them for his own thing and seemed quite happy. They are seriously the all time least expensive thing around. Amazingly cheap. And they seem reliable. I get email of several different people there depending on the subject and they even responded on a Sunday nite. And my first impression is good cause their web site is a piece of cake to get around and they "get to the point" which I find is the biggest mistake web sites make, they all beat around the bush and make ya hunt for the
real info.

For a regular web site with it's $.392/mo ($46.99/yr - ya pay for the whole year at once) and that's with FREE domain registration AND renewal, for as long as they are hosting, w/35 mb of space and 2 gig of traffic and 15 mail accts and 2 parked domains! And get this - to them a parked domain means it points to your main domain name. All the others I know park for free, but if it points there's a charge. And this also includes FrontPage2000, CGI, SSI, Perl, PHP, Web Based Email, Control Panel, Web Hit Statistics, Programming Tools (C,C++, GDB), 24/7
FTP Access, Telnet (SSH) and larger packages that have MySQL and more space and more traffic. Their largest package has 120 MB of space, 6.5 gig of traffic, MySQL & 4 parked domains for $8.92/mo. And NO set up fees.

I do pay only $15/yr renewal fee for the additionally parked domains. But zero for the main one! So for mine, I don't need more than the minimum space but I needed the SQL so I bought the small package for $46.99 and for another $25/year I get the SQL. Amazing! This was compared to $49.90 set up, $24.95/mo, $25/year for one main domain and another $25/year for 3 additional domains that are
parked but don't point, cause that was extra $5/mo. Now I have everything for $46.99 + $25 for SQL for $71.99 for the whole year - less than 3 months worth before, with 2 of my domains pointing! (My extra domains are in case people
spell my domain wrong). And no set up fee. And my tech guy checked out everything and said the interface to work with the site was the same or at least easy to use, etc.

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