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NAME : dolhathai srijamcharoen
SOURCE : Email
Thanks a lot for your help.
Thank you so much. We love your service :)


NAME : Genevieve Prahasto

SOURCE : Email

I am very impressed with your services.
I have another website to transfer to you soon.
NAME : Michel Morin
My name is Michel Morin, and I am a Seanic Reseller. Seanic is hosting about 50 websites of my customers. Most of the time, evething's going fine and easy, but few days ago I had really a large problem with domain name's URL. I could not access to this website thru my ISP, but could access to the temporary URL was against Seanic...My DNS settings were OK, settings were modified more than 48 hours and my cache had been flushed several times to avoid reloading some outdated records. Then I went on their Customer Service chatroom and Judy introduced me with a technician. He finally found that the problem was within my ISP provider's server. ISP's dns server (in the ISP network somewhere) has cached a negative response to domain name, and this happens as DNS servers often cache dns results including negative results. We also found that users connected thru another connection provider had successful access to and that this issue was related exclusively to my own connection provider. So the problem was an HOSTNAME problem....

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